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As far as marital life is concerned, this are the periods that will be good for you and that are:. However, in rest of the periods , there will be need to handle your marital life on cautious note as problems , mis To understandings can crept in easily. There will be need to remain communicative for your marital life betterment and ignore smaller things that can put pressures in marital life in other periods for you. For unmarried , this are the periods in which marital proposals can come to you and that are :. From 8 Mar , pressures will further increase for you which might give you tougher time in your professional life.

There might be un To necessary problems with your co To workers and work environment might pull pressures on to you which indirectly might affect your health. Overall, there will be need to just mind your own work and fulfil your work commitments timely such that professional life can be manageable for you. Due to delays in auspicious results, you might be frustrated at your work place but only patience and hard work will be the key to success for you. Overall, this whole year, there will be need to concentrate properly in your professional life else you might be inviting problems for yourself.

For those who are unemployed, this are some of the above periods, that might build some job chances for you. In above periods, try to search better job through the help of job sites and newspapers. If you do not know your moon sign, Sign Up Now. If you have any query then we will have its astrological solution, because none question is born answer less. You will get Vedic astrological remedies within 48 hours with matchless accuracy.

Kindly ask only 1 question at a time. View All Welcome Guest! Shopping Cart 0. Toggle navigation. Radhekrishna Shashtri. Horoscope forecast is based on moon sign.

Pisces Horoscope 12222: You May Get More Self Aware

In vedic astrology recommands Moon Sign analysis for precised prediction. Different mixtures of these elements produced the different natures of things. Empedocles said that those who were born with near equal proportions of the four elements are more intelligent and have the most exact perceptions. Each sign is associated with one of the classical elements , [9] [10] and these can also be grouped according to polarity: Fire and Air signs are considered positive or extrovert , masculine signs; while Water and Earth signs are considered negative or introvert , feminine signs.

A modern approach looks at elements as "the energy substance of experience" [11] and the next table tries to summarize their description through keywords. Classification according to element has gained such importance, that some astrologers start their interpretation of a natal chart , by studying the balance of elements shown by the position of planets and angles [15] especially the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant.

Each of the four elements manifests in three modalities: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Christian astrology relates the three qualities to the three aspects of God in the trinity [ citation needed ]. The combination of element and modality provides a basic sign characterization. For instance, Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, meaning that it is associated with action cardinal modality in the material world earth element.

That can translate into ambition or practical application to the concrete, everyday necessities of life. Rulership is the connection between planet and correlated sign and house. Psychologically-oriented astrologers often believe that Saturn is the ruler or co-ruler of Aquarius instead of Uranus; Neptune is the ruler or co-ruler of Pisces instead of Jupiter, and that Pluto is the ruler or co-ruler of Scorpio instead of Mars.

Some astrologers [24] believe that the planetoid Chiron may be the ruler of Virgo, while other group of modern astrologers claim that Ceres is the ruler of Taurus instead. Other astrologers, still, use the former planets Pallas, Vesta, Juno and Hygiea in their delineations and rulerships, for example Vesta to Taurus and Pallas to Virgo. Debate continues between those who consider the newly discovered planets as rulers or co-rulers of certain signs and those that do not.

Yearly Horoscope for your Moon Sign/ Rashi as per Vedic Astrology

Therefore, they do not take into account planetary rulerships and the essential dignities when interpreting an astrological chart. Note that, if one starts from Leo and Cancer, the traditional planetary rulers are arrayed outward in the same order from the sun as they occur in the natural solar system. Note that modern rulerships, which attribute Pluto as ruler of Scorpio, break this symmetry.

Moon in Pisces (Traits and Characteristics) - Vedic Astrology

The following table shows both traditional [22] and modern [25] rulerships. To note that Fire and Air light elements signs are opposited between them, like happens for Earth and Water ones heavy elements. A traditional belief of astrology, known as essential dignity , is the idea that the Sun, Moon and planets are more powerful and effective in some signs than others, because the basic nature of both is held to be in harmony. By contrast, they are held to find some signs to be weak or difficult to operate in because their natures are thought to be in conflict. The most important of these categories are Dignity, Detriment, Exaltation and Fall.

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In traditional astrology, other levels of Dignity are recognised in addition to Rulership. These are known as Exaltation see below , Triplicity , Terms or bounds , and Face or Decan , which together are known as describing a planet's Essential dignity , the quality or ability to give of one's true nature. In addition to essential dignity, the traditional astrologer considers Accidental dignity of planets. This is placement by house in the chart under examination. Accidental dignity is the planet's "ability to act.

On the other hand, Moon in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th would be more able to act as these are Angular houses. Planets in Succedent houses of the chart 2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th are generally considered to be of medium ability to act. The first decanate is said to be most emphatically of its own nature and is ruled by the sign ruler.

The last decanate is sub-ruled by the next in order in the same triplicity.

Pisces Horoscope 12222 In Hindi

While the element and modality of a sign are together sufficient to define it, they can be grouped to indicate their symbolism. The first four signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer, form the group of personal signs. The next four signs, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio form the group of interpersonal signs. The last four signs of the zodiac, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, form the group of transpersonal signs. The tropical zodiac is the zodiac of seasonal factors as opposed to the sidereal zodiac constellation factors.

The primary seasonal factors are based on the changing ratio of sunlight and darkness across the year. The first factor is whether the chosen time falls in the half of the year when daylight is increasing, or the half of the year when darkness is increasing. The second factor is whether the chosen time falls in the half of the year when there is more daylight than darkness, or the half when there is more darkness than daylight. The third factor is which of the four seasons the chosen time falls in, defined by the first two factors. Several unprecedented events will be taking place, so be careful and keep your eyes and heart open!

Cherish as there is light at the end of the tunnel, says your Pisces horoscope!

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You will see your seeds for long-term dreams, goals and ambitions begin to sprout. Just hit the pedal to the metal as it is the best time to work hard and embrace the results, tells your Pisces yearly horoscope. Have you been feeling lost since some time? Or do you have long buried questions in your mind about yourself?

Then the answers are right at the corner!

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  • An exploration of your true self will happen during this year and you will stop beating around the bush and realize what are your actual needs. It is said that good things take time to happen and everything will not be a piece of cake. There will be ups and downs during this year, but you will be able to make considerable progress in many areas.

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