Leo horoscope week of november 19 2019

A bout of extravagance could make you feel better. LEO July 24 - Aug 23 This is one of those fine moments when you seem to be able to get on with other people so much better, but only if you put their interests first. The fact is that you have so much to learn by following their lead. At work, it's time to pick up a new skill. You never know when it will come in handy!

It may be boring to take part in a hobby which doesn't interest you. It may even be downright tedious.

Leo Horoscope For Wednesday, October 9,

However, just think of the emotional credit you'll gain! At home, partners expect you to agree with them. A psychological reading of your chart, on the other hand, might advise you to have the courage to be child-like or just young-at-heart yourself.

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If you are far away you should therefore make yourself happy by creating as cosy a nest as possible. Simmering resentments can be left until later in the year - or even next year - with a little luck! This is also, as it happens, an excellent moment for making deep, long-term emotional commitments - but only if you mean it!

If you have any doubts, hold back.

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Sagittarius season on Thursday opens the front door to experiences with family and emotionality all month. A full moon on Friday means magic for your career! Promotions, raises, and opportunities are yours.

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Happy birthday, Scorpio! The full moon on Friday has you feeling sexy and tantric all weekend—make it unforgettable.

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  • Happy birthday. A full moon in your romantic sector on Friday makes the weekend powerful with opposites-attract style chemistry and opportunities for love. Let it go, Capricorn.

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    Work on the weekend if you have to—you know you love it! Friendship never ends, Aquarius! Sagittarius season on Thursday has you socializing, connecting, and reuniting with friends. Share your feelings with someone who needs to hear it.

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    Werk, Pisces! Sagittarius season begins your ambitious month of career promotion and success. A sensitive full moon on Friday has you looking for places and people who feel like home. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Katie Buckleitner.

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